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Wood-fired Pizza

All pizzas are served when ready

Most toppings are an additional $2 each

Add chicken +$5

Add crab +$10

*No half & half pizzas*


Red sauce, sliced fresh mozzarella and basil



Cupping pepperoni, mozzarella and red sauce


Buffalo Chicken…$13

Grilled chicken, buffalo sauce and EVOO with mozzarella and bleu cheese


Spinach, artichokes, grilled chicken, garlic, ricotta, mozzarella, red sauce

Two pizzas fresh out of the oven at Johannsons
A pizza just startingto bake in Johannsons pizza oven
Wood catching fire in the wood-fired pizza oven


A blend of mozzarella and sharp cheese with red sauce

Quatro Carne…$16

Italian sausage, pepperoni, ham, soppressetta, mozzarella, fontina and sauce

Fun Guy…$13

Portobello, crimini, shiitake, and oyster mushrooms with shaved parmesan,

mozzarella and parmesan cream sauce

The Good Fella...$16

Mozzarella, Parmesan, truffle oil, burrata, prosciutto 

Wood reaching kindling temperature Johannsons wood-fired pizza oven
Three pizzas fresh out of the oven at Johannsons
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